Dymax, Intrepid Automation combine efforts for automated 3DP

Intrepid Automation and Dymax are working together to bring 3D printing (3DP) to market faster. Along with the reliability and consistent post-cure capability of Dymax light-curing systems, Intrepid and Dymax will create digital manufacturing solutions that will include Intrepid’s post-processing chambers using BlueWave AX-550 LED flood-curing systems to ensure uniform curing of 3DP parts.

Tim Sasur, Dymax product development director says, “Any time a cutting-edge customer such as Intrepid validates that our new product helps them solve manufacturing challenges, it’s a great success story for both companies.”

Together, the companies will develop customized and integrated controls for 3DP, supply customers more quickly, and assist businesses through their entire manufacturing journey.;


Micro additive manufacturing success

Nanofabrica’s Tera 250 Micro AM technology’s process change overcomes issues from relying on legacy technologies to manufacture smaller parts while retaining sub-micron tolerances.

The company recently modeled a 925µm long DNA helix that includes tiny features which would be either impossible to manufacture via micro molding or would require expensive micro tools.

With the Tera 250, companies requiring miniature plastic parts and components can efficiently and cost-effectively shift to additive manufacturing (AM).


Meeting additive manufacturing demands

Ohio-based Tangible Solutions expanded its medical additive manufacturing (AM) capabilities, adding three small-platform machines and a large-format printer to bring the company’s total to eight small-platform machines for precision titanium orthopedic medical devices.

With three Tangible large- format machines, the company can produce parts up to 9.8" x 9.8" x 13.8" (250mm x 250mm x 350mm).

“Large-format printers allow our customers to take full advantage of larger additive device design and achieve higher-volume objectives such as weight reduction and improved mechanical properties with a high-productivity system,” says Adam Clark, Tangible Solutions CEO. “By increasing our inventory of small platform and large-format 3D printers, we are scaling up our cutting-edge equipment to further support our customers’ medical device manufacturing needs.”