GOM’s ScanCobot mobile automated 3D scanning system integrates its ATOS Q and ATOS Core blue light 3D scanners. The systems and intelligent software allow users to create efficient automation routines for precise, accurate, and repeatable measurement results without robotics programming knowledge.

Non-contact blue light technology collects millions of accurate 3D coordinate points per quick scan, and the system includes a motorized rotary table; a PC for rapid 3D data processing; and software for 3D scanning, inspection, and automation.

Users program the ScanCobot in GOM Inspect software’s virtual measuring room (VMR). VMR’s central control and measurement planning represents the complete measuring procedure. In the software, CAD data of the inspected part is imported with the associated measurement plan. Sensor positions and robot paths are computed automatically.

Automated teaching allows the user to work with the system without robot programming skills. If the Kiosk Interface is activated, parts can be measured quickly using existing project templates, without making adjustments. As the user can no longer change measuring programs and evaluations, process reliability is enhanced.

With the ability to automatically inspect and digitize parts weighing up to 50kg, GOM ScanCobot provides efficient quality control of small to medium-sized parts.

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