A spinal cage produced from medical- grade polyether ether ketone (PEEK).

Whatever raw material is used in medical device prototyping or production – steels, titanium, ceramic, CoCr, medical-grade polyether ether ketone (PEEK), Nitinol, other exotic materials – Bumotec machining centers handle the demands, delivering high levels of precision and repeatability that the industry requires.

The s18, equipped with two machining stations and an automatic tool changer (ATC) for up to 90 tools, offers production efficiency when producing spinal cages made from medical-grade PEEK in record cycle times.

The machine’s second integrated machining station – the retaking unit – is responsible for finishes on the 6th side of the part. In addition, the machine integrates deburring and checks tool breakage in the changer and unloading part – all in concurrent operation cycle. The medical cage is produced in a single production cycle in less than 4.5 hours compared with an average of 7 hours for a machine equipped with a single station; a 36% productivity gain.

Once machining is complete, the finished part is automatically unloaded into a container in concurrent operation time. The part can then be directed to an unloading tray via a conveyor belt outside the machine.

The Bumotec s181 turning/milling center can meet the majority of demands for applications in medical, aerospace, and micro-mechanics. With machine dimensions less than 3.5m2, this compact model is equipped with a spindle capable of 40,000rpm and can handle bars up to 32mm diameter. A further advantage is the machine’s tool checking function, which saves time and works simultaneously with the second machining station, delivering increased productivity.