The Nakamura-Tome JX-250 high performance multitasking turning center offers a large machining envelope for high-precision milling and turning of complex parts, along with a twin lower turret configuration for flexible, complex component manufacturing. The Nakamura JX-250 features NT Smart Cube tool spindle, a 12,000rpm tool spindle permitting maximum part length on the left and right spindles, including when the horizontal tool spindle and lower turrets are in the cut.

To optimize part transfer, independent right spindle guideways on lower turrets minimize distance between the spindles to 11.8" (300mm). For high processing flexibility, a single or twin lower turret design is offered with overlapping travels and Y-axis box guideways are standard. The multitasking machining center provides up to 168 tool stations.

The Nakamura JX-250 has a maximum turning diameter of 12.6" (320mm) and a maximum turning length of 65" (1,650mm). The left and right spindles have 3” (80mm) and 2.5” (65mm) bar capacity, respectively. Tool spindle X, Y, Z travel is 25.4" x ±4.9" x ±32.5" (645mm x ±125mm x ±825mm). The B-axis tool spindle positioning range is 240°.

The JX-250 features a SmartX PC-based 19” high-resolution color touch screen, which works in conjunction with the Fanuc 31i-B5. A 5-axis precision milling software package ensures optimal 5-axis milling.

Methods Machine Tools Inc.

Compact drag finishing systems

Engineered for finishing medical devices, implants, and tools, compact drag finishing systems remove excess metal up to 40x higher than conventional mass finishing. The small-footprint machines provide gentle surface finishing for delicate components that cannot touch during processing.

Rotary carousels with up to six spindles drag fixtured parts through the media mass, preventing high value, sensitive parts from touching and potentially damaging each other. Rotation of the carousel and spindles guarantee even parts treatment.

Compact drag finishers use frequency inverters to control variable rotary speeds of carousel and spindle drives. The main drive unit provides up-and-down movement. Machine options include four or six spindles and work bowls in 700mm to 1,300mm (27" to 51") diameters. Designed for plug-and-play installation, standard features include noise-reducing enclosures, access doors with safety interlock and sliding window for easy access and operation, and machine controls and dosing systems accessible from the enclosure.

Rosler Metal Finishing USA



Tapes for protective, diagnostic equipment

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for protective and diagnostic equipment applications include:

Industrial tapes

MacBond HTA410 acrylic tapes – Double-coated or transfer adhesive constructions; Mactac HTA410 adhesive offers quick tack and peel strength; bonds well to polyether/polyurethane open-cell foams and medium- to high-surface- energy plastics; suitable for face shields

MacBond LSE427 acrylic tapes – Double-coated tape, 2.0mil transfer adhesive or 5.0mil tissue-supported transfer adhesive; Mactac LSE427 adhesive bonds to foams, plastics

MacMount Ultra 555 mounting, bonding tapes Double-coated polyester construction or double-coated foam; 78# SCK liner and Mactac Ultra 555 adhesive provide holding power; suitable for dispensers, fixtures, protective shielding installations

MacBond foam bonding tapes – 60# or 80# liner; double-coated tapes; Mactac FBR899 adhesive (exposed side), XT Rubber adhesive (liner side); FBR899 quickly bonds to open-cell polyurethane foams; high-shear XT Rubber bonds well to smooth surfaces

Medical tapes

Single-coated foam (TM4101, TM4130) 1/16", 1/32" thicknesses; Mactac Acrsure acrylic adhesive, 96# PCK liner; for electrodes, face shields, seals, gaskets

Double-coated foam (TM4200, TM4230) 1/16", 1/32" thicknesses; Mactac Acrysure adhesive liner side, Silk Adhesive System unwind side; designed for device assembly where depth is needed, electrodes, seals, gaskets

Single-coated nonwoven (TM8102) 2.4oz white spunlace non-woven construction paired with a medical- grade acrylic adhesive; for soft coverings, electrodes, monitoring devices