As 3D printing has become a viable form of mass production, the need for automated mass finishing of additively manufactured parts is growing. Bel Air Finishing is a supplier of mass finishing equipment & supplies, offering the opportunity for companies to learn about mass finishing of 3D-printed parts. A Hewlett Packard (HP) PA post-processing seminar/workshop will be held Aug. 5, 2020, focusing on HP 3D printed parts and covering other 3D printing technologies. The workshop is designed to teach participants how HP 3D printed parts can be taken from a printer, processed to produce a high quality finish, and measured to qualify results. The seminar will be available online and in person.

Eaton, regional partners 3D print face shields

Cleveland, Ohio-based Eaton is using its manufacturing, 3D printing expertise, and partner network to fulfill a JobsOhio order for rapid production of 360,000 reusable face shields to strengthen the state’s fight against the coronavirus.

Eaton collaborated with multiple hospitals and Cleveland’s Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network (MAGNET) to optimize the face shield design for production. Eaton is now working with Thogus, a local family-owned custom plastic injection molder, to rapidly produce the critical equipment at scale.

“Ten business days ago, this project was just a concept. Today, we’re moving forward with production and looking to expand further,” says Michael Regelski, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Electrical Sector at Eaton. “By leveraging our advanced manufacturing capabilities and strong network of partners, we’re helping Ohio quickly respond to current inventory challenges and maximize accessibility of critical personal protective equipment (PPE) resources for frontline teams combatting COVID-19."