ToolTracker version 4.0

The vision-based tracking application, ToolTracker version 4.0, is designed for error-proofing and controlling nutrunner fastening sequences by tracking the position of a hand tool in 3D space.

ToolTracker can also track hand tools in relation to moving parts, maintaining high levels of accuracy.

The user interface delivers real-time operator instructions per fastening location clearly and effectively. In addition, the vision system interfaces directly to a torque controller and a programmable logic controller (PLC), for real-time control and communication.

AIS Technologies Group

Two-axes rotary assembly

An integrated 2-axis rotary assembly supports high-speed machining of complex 3D part geometries. The system allows accurate positioning on a hemispherical surface. Multiple frame sizes provide a range of load carrying capability.

Rotary combinations feature a direct-drive DDR rotary stage for high throughput, maintenance-free operation compared to gear- and screw-driven technology. With rotation speeds up to 1,000rpm, the assembly can support high-speed machining.

A high-resolution encoder allows axes to run slowly while maintaining velocity regulation and positioning accuracy.

IntelLiDrives Inc.

TDK, Immersion partner

TDK Electronics is partnering with Immersion Corp. on touch-response solutions that use TDK PowerHap piezo actuators with haptic feedback. Immersion will certify TDK’s actuators for its software and include them in reference designs for haptic solutions with actuators.

Immersion CEO Ramzi Haidamus says, “As haptics continues to become pervasive in numerous markets, working with TDK helps meet that demand.”

PowerHap’s miniaturized actuator is 9mm x 3.75mm x 1.4mm. At 60V, it achieves 6.4g acceleration under a 100g load, allowing 18µm max. displacement or up to 3N force.

TDK also has an agreement with Immersion for its ultra-thin PiezoHapt actuators.

Hospital bed controller

The attendant control touch (ACT) controller’s touch screen gives hospital bed users an easy-to-use overview of functions. Three operation levels are: care mode (for patients and relatives), extended care mode (for care personnel), and service mode (for service technicians).

The ACT features integrated patient weighing, out-of-bed detection with automatic light control, wet detection, and bedside rail detection.