The Purge coolant filtration system prevents chips from accumulating inside a CNC machine tool’s coolant tank, avoiding work-stoppages that can occur with coolant starvation of the flood pump and high-pressure coolant pump.

It pulls coolant from the dirty side of the coolant tank, filters it, and returns it to the clean side faster than the flood and high-pressure coolant pumps draw from it, preventing coolant starvation of the pumps.

Keeping the coolant cleaner improves part quality and extends cutting tool life. The system keeps small chips and fines from clogging the machine tool’s nozzles and lines and requires less-frequent coolant tank cleaning.

The unit holds up to 20gal of debris; when full, simply lift out the filter bags for disposal.


  • Min./max. flow: 30gpm to 60gpm
  • Filtration to 3µm (5µm standard)
  • Quick-change filters
  • Any #2, 7” x 32” filter media
  • Fluid control variable-frequency drive
  • 230V, 3hp motor


MP Systems Inc.