Programmable micro gripper

The MGR5 series micro gripper, developed to handle small, fragile parts, weighs 30g and is used as an end effector on third-party robots. It includes the company’s Soft-Land feature, programmable force down to 5g, and two independently controlled gripper fingers to pick up asymmetric parts. MGR5 assists in small part assembly, particularly of complicated, high-volume, small products.

The built-in sensor feedback system gives the mechatronic ability to perform a task and verify its quality at the same time, enabling actuators to quality check processes in real time and feedback the results.

The electric grippers incorporate programmable speeds, positions, and forces with data feedback. Independently controlling each jaw allows precise force control, measurement, and positioning.

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators
IMTS 2018 Booth #121368

Horizontal machining center

The GE40H horizontal machining center has a standard ram-type 33.5hp 12,000rpm Big Plus/CAT40 taper spindle, 500mm (19.7”) axis travels (X, Y, Z), and a 4th (B) axis, offering flexibility for small to mid-size parts machining. The GE40H is available with a Fanuc 31iMB control, 400mm pallets, rotary automatic pallet changer, and a 40-tool capacity magazine. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or as multiples in a lean line production environment, maximizing limited floor space, productivity, and output.

Enshu USA Corp.
IMTS 2018 Booth #338592

Compact waterjet system

The ProtoMAX personal abrasive waterjet system, a compact, self-installed cutting system for prototyping and relatively low-volume cutting, offers the benefits of large abrasive waterjet cutters in a small package.

Delivering 30,000psi cutting power with a 5hp pump, the ProtoMAX precision cuts materials under 2” thick with no heat-affected zone and no change to the material properties.

The waterjet plugs into a 240VAC dryer-style outlet.

The pump and cutting table are on casters for easy relocation. Work material is submerged under water for clean, quiet cutting that won’t disrupt a shared work space.

Omax Corp.
IMTS 2018 Booth #236222 & #215318

Cross hole deburring

The COFA-X tooling system – designed for cross holes with an identical or nearly identical diameter crossing each other; bores that merge into one another; and crossing bores with offset centers – removes burrs from interior uneven bore edges. This eliminates secondary burrs, reduces costs, and improves cycle times for operations previously only possible with manual deburring.

The tooling is pre-assembled with spring-loaded blade geometry for front or back cutting. COFA-X tools are customized, built for application-specific projects, and are suitable for bore diameters 4.0mm and larger.

Heule Tool Corp.
IMTS 2018 Booth #431352

High-speed milling machine

The M8Cube Next high-speed milling machine features brushless, direct drives providing faster acceleration, feed rates up to 866ipm, and shorter cycle times. A 3kW, 40,000rpm, liquid-chilled spindle delivers greater horsepower for heavier machining, as well as the flexibility to mill a variety of materials. HSK-E 25 tool holders offer precision and <1µm runout. Several spindle options are available including a 2kW, 60,000rpm spindle and a heavy-duty 4kW spindle.

With a footprint of 69" x 69", it features a 40" x 28" x 9" (X, Y, Z) work area, allowing for multiple setups, and accommodating Datron’s integrated workholding systems, automation, and rotary axes.

Options include a spray-mist coolant system, integrated 3D probing, and automatic tool changers with up to 30 stations and tool-length sensing.

Datron Dynamics
IMTS 2018 Booth #236008