Selecting the right medical polymer compounder helps support fast time-to-market. In addition to offering regulatory compliance assistance, medical polymer compounders also push material capabilities. Unique requirements are frequently critical to next-generation devices, requiring medical compounders with extensive technical knowledge.

“It is critical to partner with a team that has knowledge across the following categories: non-invasive, invasive, non-contact, as well as short- and long-term contact,” says Ian Kenny, global managing director, Colorite.

It’s also important to work with a compounder that does not have a vested interest in recommending one material over another. The compounder should be polymer neutral, finding the right solution for a specific medical device application.

Integrated motion, machine control solutions brochure

Contents of Aerotech’s Integrated Motion and Machine Control Solutions brochure present the latest machine automation products, descriptions, and specifications as well as all controls and software, setup and configuration, advanced diagnostic, and tuning capabilities. Also included is information about the integrated development environment, operator interface, software architecture, a review of all controller and drive technology, standard and advanced control capabilities, hexapod and piezo controls, controller and hardware comparison charts, and a quick reference for servomotors. Download for free at

Rotary air bearing series, high precision in any orientation

The A-62x PIglide series of rotary air bearing stages have no rolling or sliding elements and deliver frictionless, non-contact motion. Featuring high-performance, low-cogging, frameless, slotless torque motors and optical encoders, these stages can be used in any orientation. Options can be combined for point-to-point indexing or constant velocity scanning.

Combivis Connect v8.0 certified by ProtectEM

Combivis Connect remote access software solution for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human machine interfaces (HMIs) monitors equipment and performs updates.

Certified by ProtectEM, an organization specializing in auditing security solutions in the industrial and process automation industry, Connect Access Servers, Control Center, Runtime, and the C6 VPN Router were tested and analyzed as part of the security audit. Each element has been certified according to the IEC 62443-3 standard.

In addition to the security certification, software features available include:

    Passwords compliant with IEC62443-3 complexity standards

    Auto-update of runtime software to remote devices

    Local area network (LAN) devices reachable by virtual private network (VPN) can be defined by a range of internet protocol (IP) addresses

    Simultaneous display of multiple screens with Combivis Connect Remote Desktop for C6 devices

    Full-screen mode for viewing the remote desktop

    Runtime logs of remote C6 devices can be exported to spreadsheet software