Ready Robotics’ Forge/OS 5 offers a single programming interface for hundreds of models of collaborative and industrial robots, as well as the peripherals required for automation. The open platform enables machine builders and software developers to create solutions and applications that instantly scale across robot brands.

Forge/OS 5 helps companies manage automation without needing deep expertise in robot programming. It also reduces complexity for those with multiple brands of robots and peripherals on their production floor, by removing brand-specific robot programming languages and simplifying gripper and other peripheral hardware integration. A robot powered by Forge/OS 5 can be programmed using Task Canvas, Ready’s no-code programming app.

As an open platform facilitating third-party development, developers can build apps on Task Canvas to focus on use cases that scale across robotic brands, benefitting from accessible core services of modern software. Hardware original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can easily integrate their hardware with a robot powered by Forge/OS 5. Custom machine builders can create solutions for customers without needing expertise in brand-specific robot programming languages.

Ready Robotics