Intertek will assess barrier face coverings to the requirements of ASTM F3502.

Accreditation for consumer face mask testing

Intertek’s scope of accreditation for its North American Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Center of Excellence includes evaluation of barrier face coverings to ASTM F3502. The ASTM standard is one of the first in the U.S. to focus on performance and quality of consumer fabric face coverings, and Intertek is one of the first labs authorized to assess masks to the standard.

Introduced in February 2021, ASTM F3502 applies to fabric masks intended to control exhalation while potentially protecting the wearer by reducing particles inhaled. It includes guidance for: construction, filtration, leakage, flammability, labeling, and in the case of reusable masks, laundering. Testing labs must be accredited for filtration efficiency and airflow resistance evaluations. Intertek will assess barrier face coverings, providing manufacturers with test reports and labeling options to illustrate compliance. This expands on the lab’s existing scope of PPE services, which includes solutions for medical grade masks and N95 respirators.

Medical machining, fabricating manufacturing services

Guill Tool’s highly skilled team of expert machinist engineers are trained in the latest CAD, CAM, CFD, and FEA programs. In addition to having expertise in extrusion tooling, Guill provides customers with one-stop shopping for tooling and other machine shop needs.

As part of the company’s medical machining program, Guill offers 5-axis machining centers, high precision machining, and wire EDM capabilities with a 0.008" hole popper, and can machine super alloys and exotic metals to close tolerances.

Guill multi-axis machines can produce a variety of sizes, complex engineering, and geometric intricacies. Prototype machining and rapid manufacturing enable engineering to develop and innovate solutions or to respond and modify parts. Wire EDM eliminates the force put on part surfaces, protecting intricate and fragile tooling, as well as providing higher tolerances and accuracy.

High QA, Verisurf integration partnership

High QA and Verisurf Software hope to streamline shop floor quality inspection workflows. The companies have partnered on an integrated solution to automate measurement, inspection, and reporting process, providing real-time comparisons of finished parts to 3D CAD models, annotated PDFs, and 2D drawings. High QA’s Inspection Manager can automatically balloon drawings and create a bill of characteristics in minutes. CAD-based Verisurf 3D measurement and inspection software provides measurement data collection and analysis, with support for virtually all CAD file formats and new and legacy CMMs, including portable arms, trackers, scanners, and fixed CNC CMMs.

“The more steps in the process you can automate, the less human error that is likely to occur,” says Sam Golan, founder & CEO of High QA.

Ernie Husted, president and CEO of Verisurf Software, adds, “Verisurf and High QA share a common goal to provide customers with measurement and inspection solutions that are flexible, easy to learn, and easy to use.”