IIoT-based MES platform enhancements

FactoryLogix 2021.1 release adds native, vendor-agnostic support for any 3D mechanical computer-aided design (CAD), including animations and annotations, interrogation of detailed part data from product lifecycle management (PLM), quality data collection against the digital twin, and other feature enhancements. Natively merge the real world with the digital world into a real digital twin, seamlessly bridging PLM that may be hosting electronics CAD (ECAD) and 3D mechanical engineering to the shop floor.

FactoryLogix 2021.1 uses the extended capabilities in many 3D CAD formats to enable capabilities that ECAD cannot support. Abilities include leveraging solid model animations that R&D built into the files, accessing detailed information about each part, enabling operators on the floor to virtually spin, explode, explore, and cross-section the assemblies in front of them. It provides operators interactive and animated visual work instructions, enables defect capture against the physical model, and merges that data with existing IIoT data feeds for total visibility and traceability.

Aegis Software

Line of drilling units

ECONOmaster drilling units are affordable for the basic unit and in stock for immediate delivery or customization. Because these units are produced entirely at the Suhner factory in Rome, Georgia, response times for delivery and customized construction are minimal.

The ECONOmaster drilling unit features low power and air consumption, adjustable motor housing, adjustable total stroke up to 4", hydraulic feed control cylinder, J33 taper spindle end, 0 to 1/2" drill chuck, electric front and rear position limit switches, belt tensioner, and chrome-plated quill.

ECONOmaster drilling units can be supplied with an adjustable stand, inline vertical configuration, and multiple spindle heads for medium-duty production drilling, with many other spindle options and tool holders available.

Suhner Industrial Products Corp.

Solid carbide end mills

CR – Supercut Roughers are suitable for high-volume applications requiring high metal removal rates in slotting, shouldering, and helical plunging. Designed for semi-finish profile and center cutting, the multi-flute design is constructed of ultra-fine carbide grade CR3 for high cutting edge stability and wear resistance. The tools also feature a new generation of PVD coating for high performance cutting (HPC) applications.

Optimal flute geometry maximizes metal removal rates, improves chip evacuation, and lowers cutting forces. The reinforced corner chamfer’s strength provides longer tool life. Constructed of ultra-fine carbide grade CA5, the tools are uncoated with a smooth polished surface finish for high cutting edge stability and wear resistance.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC