Cobot with greater payload

A UR10e cobot with increased payload of 12.5kg (27.55lb) creates new possibilities for palletizing, machine tending, and packaging. The enhanced UR10e retains the small footprint, intuitive programming, repeatability, commitment to quality, and trusted performance, but its increased payload capacity allows users to do more:

  • Palletizing cartons weighing up to 10kg using a 2.5kg gripper
  • Loading, unloading heavier workpieces in machine tending; packaging heavy items
  • Takes more weight from human hands, shoulders, improving ergonomics, working conditions

The updated UR10e also provides plug-and-play compatibility with products from Universal Robots’ UR+ hardware and software peripheral ecosystem, ensuring that users can quickly get started with collaborative applications.

Universal Robots

Bionically inspired adhesion technology

Adheso, bionically inspired gripper technology based on the principle of adhesion, uses intermolecularly acting Van der Waals forces for handling components. Made of special polymers, the surface architecture is optimized by numerical simulation, creating a formation of extremely finely structured legs that adhere to different materials and objects.

Customizable to the application, the adhesive technology is gentle on components, low-noise, and doesn’t require compressed air, vacuum, or current. An external energy supply isn’t necessary for gripping or for maintaining gripping force, and holding forces of the gripper are maintained if the handling system experiences a power failure.

Schunk Adheso allows gripping times of <100ms. It can be used in conventional industrial environments, cleanrooms, and vacuum environments. For micro-handling, repetitive positioning accuracies of <0.01mm can be achieved and it can be also be used in collaborative applications. Adheso’s bayonet lock enables gripper exchange in just a few steps.


Turnkey leak testing system

The Tecna T2 leak tester and AV10 test fixture solution, developed specifically for verifying the integrity of medical blood lines, provides semi-automatic testing and error-proofing while reducing operator motion and overall cycle time.

The T2/AV10 automatically starts the test when the operator connects the blood line to the system and automatically releases it at the end of the test if the result is positive (passed). If it’s negative (failed), the fixture won’t release until the operator acknowledges the failure. The LCD touchscreen display shows results for individual tests as well as totals. The AV10 can be configured with customer-specified connectors.

The T2/AV10 offers leak test with full scale up to 6 bar and 1Pa (0.01mbar) resolution on leak reading. The test pressure can be regulated with a manual precision pressure regulator with pressure indicated on the display. With individual fill, settle, and measure step times, T2/AV10 can be programmed for up to 100 tests.

Marposs Corp.