End mills

Patriot High Performance end mills, originally optimized to tackle difficult-to-machine applications such as in titanium and pre-hardened steels, excel in an array of exotic, alloyed, and ferrous part materials. Shown to extend tool life 20% in some applications, the design is suitable for high efficiency milling (HEM) applications, delivering higher metal removal rates and increased productivity that provides a measurable return-on-investment (ROI).

Arch Cutting Tools

Bi-directional AGV with kitting cart

Model CA-B50100-BST NSI automated guided vehicle (AGV) with kitting cart offers a product kit for a specific assignment or multiple kits for small batch production and manufacturing efficiency. The bi-directional model provides flexible movement along its guidepath and when necessary, rotates in place. Dual-drive wheels give the AGV higher load capacity and the ability to travel laterally.

Both ends of the AGV are guided, as each dual-drive wheel independently follows independently follows the magnetic guidepath, reducing the required amount of routing space, especially in turns or space restrictive areas. Travel speed is up to 50m/min. and estimated towing capacity is 2,222 lb (1,000kg).

Creform Corp.