CNC tool grinding, space-saving automation

The FX7 Linear’s AM5000 control system delivers fast processing, an HSK40 taper for increased rigidity and accuracy, linear motors on the X- and Y-axis, and an AR300 robot loader to automate repetitive manual tasks.

The 3-axis ANCA robot can hold up to 380 tools with sizes up to 20mm x 150mm (0.75" x 6") long. The AR300 loader is contained within the compact FX Linear machine footprint, so no additional floor space is required, and operators don’t need to change gripper fingers between batches.

The AR300 loader uses ANCA motion control technology and is an auto tool-loading solution for the FX7 Linear two-wheel changer machine. It provides quick tool loading directly from the pallet to the collet in a single gripping action.


DC resistance spot welding power supplies

DC1013-T and DC613-T series linear DC resistance spot welding power supplies incorporate statistical process control (SPC) data collection and reporting capability via Ethernet. The 1,000A power supplies offer touch-panel-integrated database process control and monitoring. A high-accuracy, zero-ripple linear transistor output stage supports 10µs dynamic process response rates with absolute closed loop 1A incremental accuracy and repeatability.

Operators can select constant current, voltage, and power modes with programmable multi-pulse combinations in 1A steps up to 1,000A. Programmable part and weld checking are coupled with optional displacement and force limit checking. The DC1013-T offers three-phase operational variants, while the DC613-T supports single phase operations.

Amada Miyachi America