Stratasys launched authorized materials supplier program

The range of high-performance polymers available to manufacturers using Stratasys’ fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printing technology will expand as Solvay helps launch a program to deliver new materials for the Stratasys F900 3D printer.

Solvay will access exclusive tools and Stratasys’ expertise to develop materials aligned with Stratasys’ quality and performance benchmarks. Partners will share an authorized partner materials roadmap to guide Solvay’s selection and development of materials for Stratasys FDM printers.

Henkel strengthens additive manufacturing portfolio

Adhesive company Henkel has purchased Molecule Corp., a 3D printing and industrial inkjet company focused on additive manufacturing (AM). Molecule provides solutions for 3D printing applications – including medical, aerospace, and automotive – as well as industrial inkjet materials.

“Molecule Corp. and Henkel are an excellent fit,” says Philipp Loosen, head of 3D printing at Henkel. “Molecule’s strong 3D printing and inkjet resin technologies and digital development capabilities perfectly complement and strengthen our materials portfolio and build on our approach to offer a comprehensive range of customized additive manufacturing solutions.”

Additionally, Henkel is partnering with EnvisionTEC to align Henkel’s materials expertise with EnvisionTEC’s printer technology.

Through its open access program, EnvisionTEC certified Henkel’s materials for use on its 3D printers and aligned the Loctite materials portfolio to the EnvisionTEC printer solutions. Henkel will include EnvisonTEC’s continuous Digital Light Manufacturing (cDLM) technology platform in its broad 3D printing ecosystem and will leverage the new solutions to its customer base.

Optomec partners with Morris Group

Morris Group Inc. division Select Additive Technologies will offer Optomec’s Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) 3D Metal Printing systems. LENS uses high-powered lasers to build structures layer-by-layer from powdered metals, alloys, ceramics, or composites, enabling manufacture, repair, and rework of components.

“Adding Optomec’s LENS systems to our distributors’ existing lineup enhances our advanced solutions for precision metal part production,” says Jeff Holtzapple, business development manager, Select Additive Technologies. 

Nanofabrica participates in Siemens Dynamo program

As a participant in Siemens’ startup commercialization program – Siemens DynamoNanofabrica will provide micro-manufacturing 3D printers for medical, aerospace, automotive, optics, and semiconductor manufacturing.

“Some of our more innovative customers are already using their [Nanofabrica’s] technology commercially, and we were able to witness the disruptive effect it has on product design and on production,” says Ran Livnat, an Innovation Partner at Siemens Dynamo.

Oerlikon’s R&D, production hub

Oerlikon’s $55 million Innovation Hub & Advanced Component Production facility in Huntersville, North Carolina, will house its U.S. additive manufacturing (AM) business.

“AM will play a decisive role in how industries and industrial processes will look in the future. We are committed to investing in this business and leading the industrialization of this technology,” says Prof. Dr. Michael Süss, chairman of Oerlikon Group’s board of directors.

Dr. Sven Hicken, head of Oerlikon’s AM business, adds, “We are already working with customers in the medical, aerospace, automotive, and energy industries in the U.S., and we anticipate continued growth in those sectors.”