Celos offers a solution for manufacturing in Industry 4.0. Equipped with touchscreen control and high-performance processors, it provides a user interface that can be expanded with apps and updates tailored to the user.

The current Celos version focuses on digital workflows for adaptive production planning plus integrated tool management. Celos Manufacturing allows all workflows and machining processes to be digitally mapped, controlled, and optimized based on a consistent data flow on the shop floor. Celos Factory Planning enables software-aided and central scheduling and, if rescheduling orders, takes into account available resources and capacity.

Additional products for open connectivity – intelligent IIoT connector Celos Connector and mobile assistant Celos PROtab – are in development, so machines from other manufacturers, machines in complementary technologies, and manual workstations can be integrated into the Celos network, optimizing digital workflows.

26 Celos apps are available for tooling, machine configuration, and digital interaction for intuitive, consistent solutions in integrated paperless digital production.

IMTS 2018 Booth #338900