With the slow migration of communication standards from serial-based to Ethernet-based devices, the Advanced/Industrial Modbus Gateways address responsiveness with a data concentrator function. It automatically continues to poll intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) at a specified interval and store the data in its internal memory waiting for master device requests.

Once it arrives, the return data is retrieved from the internal memory of the Modbus Gateways. This tailored process lets the master device use one connection and one query to get all data at once, reducing the response time and making different data structures accessible on demand.

Modbus Gateway solutions are available from 1 to 16 serial ports and feature mounting options such as DIN-rail, field mount, or rack-mount. Providing seamless conversion from Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP, they require minimal configuration and the wireless version enables high-speed wireless communication for Modbus protocol.

Mencom Corp.
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High-force electric actuator

The Tolomatic RSX080 actuator, with forces up to 18,000 lbf (80kN), can replace hydraulic cylinders. Designed and tested for 100% duty cycle, the RSX080 actuator is roller-screw driven for long, consistent life in demanding environments.

In addition to the RSX080, Tolomatic high-force linear actuator solutions include the RSX096 actuator (30,000 lbf; 130kN). Both models’ construction include tie rods and Type III hard-coat anodized aluminum or zinc-plated steel. A standard anti-rotate feature prevents the rod from rotating without external guidance. Rated IP65 with an IP67 option, the actuator resists water from a light washdown and dust from outdoor environments.

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