The N-331 OEM walking motor drive is customizable and designed for high-end applications that require precision and durability.

Piezo motors do not create magnetic fields, nor are they influenced by magnetic or electric fields – an advantage to applications such as e-beam lithography and MRI technology. Other applications include optics, microscopy, automation technology, imaging technology, and medical engineering.

The units are available with 3 standard travel ranges from 25mm to 100mm in open and closed-loop configurations. They do not require maintenance or lubricants, are vacuum compatible, function in a wide temperature range, and are intrinsically wear-free.

Spring-engaged tooth brakes

The electromagnetic spring-engaged tooth brake (SETB) offers reliable, consistent operation within medical applications. The power-off brake features large bore sizes, low backlash, high torque-to-size ratio, many index positions, positive engagement, and a reliable coil with custom voltages. These features make it a choice for robotics, scanning equipment, and treatment tables.

Custom bore sizes are available and each brake is maintenance-free under proper operating conditions.