Wire EDMs for automation

The CUT P series of wire EDMs – 350/550/800/1250 – offer efficient power generators, intuitive human- machine interfaces (HMIs), and several automation options for lights-out operation. Featuring Intelligent Power Generator (IPG) technology, the machines offer surface finishes to Ra 0.08µm and boost cutting speeds by up to 20%.

Fixed tables provide rigidity and stability to ensure accuracy when machining heavy workpieces, and integrated regulation systems maintain temperatures within ±0.2°C for repeatability. In shops where the ambient temperature may vary throughout the day, a thermostability option provides temperature control protection.

Collision protection technology in the X-, Y-, U-, V-, and Z-axis, prevent potential machine damage and eliminate downtime and maintenance – even at maximum axis travel speeds of 3m/min.

The Windows 7-based AC CUT HMI 2 user interface simplifies file management and maximizes operator efficiency, supporting intuitive programming directly on the control.

GF Machining Solutions

Laser beam profiling camera

The Ophir Pyrocam IV USB laser beam profiling camera features a 320 x 320 pixel pyroelectric array that can profile beams up to 1" (25mm) without reduction optics. Measuring pulsed- and continuous-wave (CW) lasers, from 13nm to 355nm and 1.06µm to >3,000µm, the Pyrocam IV device includes an integral focal plane chopper for CW beams and thermal imaging. The plug-and-play USB3.0 interface can be connected to a PC for further analysis of the beam.

MKS Instruments

Extrusion tooling

Series 800 2-to-6-layer extrusion tooling produces high quality, material- efficient 1/8" to 6" OD tubing. The redesigned series produces smooth extrusion and layer definition of fluropolymer andother materials for all multi-layer, multi-lumen medical tubing. The design further allows thin layer combinations of polymers and adhesives to 0.02mm or less.

Guill Tool & Engineering