Compact vertical milling machine

The CMX V series’ optimized machine structure increases stability during machining and offers manufacturing flexibility.

CMX 1100 V features include:

  • Finite element model (FEM) – optimized cast iron bed, C-frame design, up to 2,204.6 lb load capacity
  • 30-pocket tool magazine
  • 22.0" Y-axis stroke
  • 33.5" table height, 12.7" from machine front to table
  • Rigid, thermally stable design
  • 30° steep covers for optimized chip evacuation
  • Recirculating roller guideways on Y-, Z-axis; ball guideways in X-axis; 4-point support for the machine


Touch probes

WRP60P and WRP45P touch probes with multichannel radio transmission are designed for 5-axis machining centers and milling machines. Through automatic detection of machine axis position, WRP45P and WRP60P achieve part positioning, workpiece orientation, origin identification, and accurate part measurement.

Based on piezo-electric technology, the probes provide measurement performance on 3D surfaces with repeatability within 0.25µm. The probes use a special filter to distinguish false-triggering events from actual touch events.

Marposs Corp.

Universal hydraulic toolholder

Tendo E compact universal toolholders come in extended lengths in CAT 40 (4") and CAT 50 (6") for long-reach applications and in multi-axis machines.

Hydraulic expansion toolholders can transfer torques up to 520Nm (384 lb-ft) at 20mm clamping diameter for high volume cutting.

With vibration damping and runout accuracy <0.003mm (0.0001") at 2.5xD, Tendo E compact protects machine spindles and cutting tools from damage. The hydraulic expansion toolholder works for rough milling to finish operations such as reaming and fine milling.

Common spindle connections are available, including interfaces HSK-A63, SK40, BT40, CAT40, and CAT50.