An alternative to conventional hot air or infrared dryers, the Macrowave Radio Frequency (RF) Drying System removes water at speeds up to 1,000ft/min. A high frequency electric field rapidly vaporizes water in-situ, exiting the product surface as a gas rather than liquid capillary action, preventing migration of solids. With antimicrobial impregnations, the agents remain uniformly distributed throughout the product thickness, and surface crusting is eliminated.

This technology supports drying temperature-sensitive materials as process temperatures never exceed the vaporization temperature of water. Build-up of impregnations or mechanical disruption of the product surface is not an issue because of the non-contact drying area.

Radio Frequency Co. Inc.


Micro servo-drive system

The Simatic Micro-Drive servo drive system, part of Siemens’ 24V to 48V EC motors drive portfolio, consists of the Profidrive Control (PDC) servo drive in conjunction with a flexible range of motors and connecting cables from partner companies.

Simple connectivity to Simatic programmable logic controllers (PLCs) reduces engineering workload, while integration into Siemens automation technology, via the TIA Portal, simplifies commissioning and servicing. Smart encoders and one-button tuning add to its plug-and-play startup. Communication takes place over Profinet using Profisafe and Profidrive profiles. The new Safety Integrated function Safely Limited Torque (SLT) limits torque by monitoring motor current in running operation.