The 130-page catalog provides background information and features various hexapod (Stewart-Platform) motion and positioning systems with 6 degrees of freedom (DoF), high resolution, and repeatability in the <1µm and 1nm range.

The hexapods have travel ranges from 0.5" to several hundred millimeters and load ranges from 0.5kg to several tons. They can be optimized for high load, high precision, and high speed.

Each hexapod is operated by motion controllers and software. The required coordinate transformations are inside the controller and visible – all motions are programmed in X, Y, Z linear coordinates and Theta-X, Theta-Y, and Theta-Z rotations. User-defined coordinate systems and a user programmable center of rotation (pivot point) enhance use.

Physik Instrumente LP (PI)


Single-sensor positioning system

Achieving SIL 3/PLe compliance, safePGV and safePXV systems use a single sensor for safety and efficiency. Sensors combine a 2D reader and data matrix code, with each code containing position and safety information made visible by red and blue LED illumination.

The safePXV positioning system offers reliability for linear absolute positioning and is suitable for automated guided vehicle (AGV) navigation. In addition to the safe X position, the sensor supplies values required for reliable vehicle control. The plant operator can access angular feedback and Y positions to correct track deviations.

A large depth of focus provides optimal readability at data matrix code lengths up to 100,000m during production-tight curve radii and uphill and downhill gradients.

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