Volume Graphics is enabling statistical evaluation of computer tomography (CT) scan data by extending data export from its non-destructive testing (NDT) to Hexagon Manufacturing Inteligence’s Q-DAS qs-STAT statistics software. Volume Graphics already had an option for data export to Q-DAS in Release 3.3 of its VGSTUDIO MAX software, but the updated service tightens data exchange between CT and statistics.

Users can export 3D representations of components or measured features to Q-DAS software, an option introduced with version 3.4.3 of VGSTUDIO MAX, VGMETROLOGY, and VGinLINE. Users simply mark the relevant box in the export mask and the software adds the corresponding part image to the data to be exported. Reports become more transparent, defined, and accessed with Q-DAS qs-STAT, so users can immediately see which measurement series belongs to which detail.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Q-DAS

Volume Graphics