Starrett Force Software’s flexible architecture provides compatibility between force and material testing programs and different Starrett test frames. Greater application versatility provides a wider range of options for specific force and material testing. Starrett L2, S2, L2 Plus, and L3 Software is interchangeable with FMM, FMS, FMD, MMS, MMD frame/stands series. L1 and S1 software is compatible with FMM series frames.

L1 – Quality control, incoming inspection; meets requirements for fast, efficient, high- volume production testing

L2 – Suited for demanding force measurement testing to create complex testing methods or when using standard Starrett test templates

L2 Plus – Easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for complex force analysis, measurement

L3 – Optimal material testing/characterization, research & design, quality control

S1 – Basic digital testing solution for compression, extension springs; high-volume production testing; improves test result consistency

S2 – Application-specific solution for testing compression, extension springs; test spring rate, spring constant, initial tension, free length

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