Renishaw and Identify3D have partnered to offer an end-to-end, secure digital manufacturing process. Identify3D will provide data protection coupled with contractual and manufacturing licensing from design to production on Renishaw additive manufacturing (AM) systems. By securing all digital data in the engineering phase, the technology enables Renishaw system users to protect their digital intellectual property (IP), enforce production rules, and provide traceability.

“Secure transmission and controlled use of digital IP is critical to enable agile Industry 4.0 supply chains. We believe that Identify3D brings a strong and necessary solution that will increase these controls, minimizing variation to improve and protect AM production quality,” says Marc Saunders, director of Renishaw’s Global Solutions Centres.

The collaboration enables accelerated adoption of AM, enabling secure, distributed manufacturing across supply chains.

Precision ADM addtive, subtractive manufacturer earns ISO approval

Precision ADM Inc. is the first Canadian metal additive and subtractive manufacturing services company to receive ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System certification. Implementing this standard enables Precision ADM to manufacture medical devices using the latest technologies, lowering production costs by reducing waste and decreasing time to market.

Additive manufacturing (AM) makes it possible to produce custom, patient-specific designs and devices with complex geometries. Precision ADM is currently targeting work on additively manufactured medical devices produced in materials such as titanium, cobalt-chrome, and stainless-steel alloys.