Optical measurement system

The Optoflash optical measurement and inspection solution is for small-size shafts, fasteners, and dental implants. Speed and precision of the Optoflash enables 100 static measurements within 2 seconds at U95 = 1µm + D/200 (D in mm).

Based on side-by-side 2D image architecture, the Optoflash can measure parts up to 300mm in length without any vertical movement of the sensors or the part itself.

These fixed position sensors eliminate mechanical stress, helping achieve consistent and stable performance across millions of cycles, as well as minimizing maintenance requirements.


Cooled milling cutter

A four-tooth finishing milling cutter with shank integrated cooling is available in 1mm to 8mm diameter for milling depths of up to 5xD. Suitable for machining materials up to a hardness of 54HRC, the CrazyMill cool ball Z4 is designed for stainless steels, titanium, and heat resistant alloys based on nickel, and chrome-cobalt-alloys. Characteristics are designed for high milling performance and surface quality.

The milling cutter controls heat with three to five coolant ducts integrated in the tool shank, delivering coolant directly to the milling area. Continuous coolant eliminates the risk of overheating, enabling simultaneous high speeds, feeds, and working depths, for high chip volume and long tool life. Continuous chip flushing from the milling area avoids milled surface damage.

Mikron Tool

Dual-spindle VMC

The DMP 500/2SP vertical machining center (VMC) has two spindles and two automatic-tool-change (ATC) systems. By machining two parts simultaneously, the VMC doubles productivity and reduces work loading, unloading, and idle times. For reduced setup times, the right spindle features a W-axis adjustment of 20mm (0.8”), allowing quick compensation variability in fixture heights between spindles.

Direct-drive spindles of 12,000 rpm, 87 lb-ft of torque are standard, and 8,000rpm spindles with 211 lb-ft of torque are optional. The load capacity (1,763 lb) and table size (47” x 20.5”) accommodate a variety of workpieces and fixtures, and with the 20.5” Y-axis stroke, offer a machining space suited for a range of parts.

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