Portescap size 12 (31.5mm diameter) mini motors are available in 9.6V, 12V, and 14.4V versions with cannulated and non-cannulated options, delivering peak torques up to 1,720mNm.

Suitable for orthopedic drills, reciprocating saws, oscillating saws, sagittal saws, and reamers, the motors can be used in robotic surgery applications, surgical screw drivers, and exoskeletons.

Stator windings and electronics are protected from harsh external environments, and windings are insulated for high-voltage protection, mandatory for powered surgical hand tools. Drive systems can be coupled with autoclavable encoders, controllers, and gearheads with different reduction ratios to meet the application. www.portescap.com

Online motion control product sizing, selection tool

With the online Linear Motioneering product size and selection tool, users can find linear motion components in less than 15 minutes. Simply enter parameters on a single screen, and the system recalculates in real time, revealing how each choice impacts available options, giving the opportunity to make unlimited changes without navigating to another screen. The user can receive the complete orderable bill of materials (BOM) and ordering materials.

System designers can filter the attributes that most impact engineering calculations, such as cover type, material choice, or environmental resistance. Comparison tables sort options based on variables or designers can enter part numbers and receive the BOM instantly. www.linearmotioneering.com

Hemostasis valves for interventional, diagnostic catheters

Freudenberg’s hemostasis valve family adds the HyperSeal and CertuSeal valves to the FlexSeal valve line. Hemostasis valves, used to minimize blood loss and facilitate minimally invasive, catheter-based medical procedures, can be incorporated into therapeutic catheters to provide design options, shorten development time, and lower costs. www.freudenbergmedical.com

Compact inductive linear position sensor

The BIP04 compact inductive linear position sensor provides continuous linear position feedback across a 17mm range. Designed for position feedback on machine tool clamping spindles, pneumatic grippers, and applications requiring linear position feedback in a confined space, the BIP04 is part of a miniature sensor line that includes inductive, photoelectric, and capacitive sensors with discrete measurement outputs.

For manufacturers, it provides an upgrade from discrete sensing to continuous position monitoring.

The BIP04 compact inductive linear position sensor is available in analog 0V to 10V, analog 4mA to 20mA, and IO-Link interface versions. www.balluff.com