2:15 to 3:10 p.m. / W-196-C

Session Topic: The Future of Pneumatics: Smart Technology from Bimba Mfg. that Maximizes Uptime with Predictive Intelligence and Condition-Based Monitoring

Competition has forced manufacturers and OEMs to run their machines at maximum load, sometimes leading to the breakdown of pneumatic components and the loss of uptime. In this session, Bimba Mfg. discusses how IntelliSense, its new technology platform combining sensors and software, monitors and optimizes the performance of pneumatic devices and systems. Attendees will learn:

  • How a stream of precise performance-related data enables users to be proactive about maintenance and system optimization
  • How predictive prognostics for pneumatics and up-to-date condition information predicts when a cylinder will fail
  • How to gather real-time data that enables users to identify whether a component is achieving its desired performance specification
  • How IntelliSense provides alerts about underperforming components and provides actionable insight to determine how and when to repair the component
  • Ways to optimize the performance of pneumatic circuits based on up to date performance data

Jeremy King

Bimba Mfg.

Jeremy King, is a fluid power pneumatic specialist, IntelliSense product marketing manager, and is an experienced product manager working with industrial sensors.

A forward-thinking innovator, Bimba provides industry-leading pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric motion solutions that are easy-to-use, reliable and ready for engineering challenges.

IMTS 2016 Booth #E-4821