2:15 to 3:10 p.m. / W-196-A

Session Topic: Synchronous PM Linear Motor Motion Technology

The synchronous PM linear motor became popular in the early ’90s as NdFeB magnets entered the market as substitute to SmCo magnets. This presentation will show real world applications of linear motors in various industries and compare synchronous PM motors with other types of drives such as ballscrews, belts, rack and pinion.

Also included will be some basic principles of calculations and sizing of linear motors and estimates for service life. Price level relative to other types of drives will also be covered.

Understanding price, performance, and service life comparison for synchronous PM linear motors may push users of more conventional drives to use instead linear motors because they offer significant advantages for a reasonable cost.

Jean-Marie Rennetaud

Hiwin Corp.

Jean-Marie Rennetaud holds a Baccalaureat E (Mathematiques & Techniques) Lycee Charles de Coulomb, Angouleme; FRANCE; a Diplome Universitaire de Technologie, Genie Mecanique, Angouleme, France; a Diplome Ingenieur, Major: Automatic Programming of CNC Machines & Flexible Manufacturing systems; a Master of Engineering, University of Hartford, Connecticut; a Ph.D. ABD Applied Mathematics, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Columbia University, New York; and Graduate Program classes, Computer Aided design of Electric machines and drives, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Rennetaud has 35 years’ experience in design and manufacturing of electric motors (DC motors, linear and rotary AC induction motors, linear and rotary permanent magnet synchronous motors). He holds 34 international patents.

Hiwin Technologies Corp. is professionally engaged in the innovation and the manufacturing of ballscrew and motion control components. Always regarding professional excellence, working enthusiasm, and enterprise responsibility as their management philosophy since Hiwin has established, the company strives for meeting with the demand of all fields.

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