The 2nd generation Ultrasonic 20 linear offers high material removal rates, accurate edge machining, and reduced process forces in machining advanced materials. With a 37.7ft2 footprint, optimizations include optional 60,000rpm spindle speed, up to 47% more powerful drive motors on the A-axis, a 33 lb load weight, and up to 2.0" tool diameters.

Other features include a digitally-controlled ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic actuators with enhanced performance. Toolholders with adapted actuator technology are changed into the milling spindle automatically. Each holder contains piezo elements activated by a program-controlled inductive system with a frequency of 20kHz to 50kHz.

Tool rotation is superimposed with an additional longitudinal tool movement – creating a defined amplitude ranging to 10µm on the cutting edge of the tool or on the grinding layer. The amplitude can be programmed in the NC controls.

Oscillating contact interruption results in improved lubrication of the cutting edge and increased removal of particles from the active zone. This enables longer tool life and surface qualities ranging to Ra < 0.1µm for hard, brittle, difficult-to-machine materials.