Universal Robots takes ActiNav next-gen on tour, adds new systems integrators

To experience ActiNav hands-on, Universal Robots and its partners are hosting live demos, inviting attendees to bring their parts to be picked.

Remaining ActiNav tour dates include:

  • NEFF Wisconsin: Aug. 3, Mequon, Wisconsin
  • CIMTEC: Aug. 5, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Shaltz: Aug. 10, Flint, Michigan

(*Past demonstrations took place at FPE Automation and Southwestern PTS)

In addition to meeting ActiNav on tour, manufacturers can leverage an expanded network of ActiNav Solution Providers (ASPs), a vetted and carefully selected group of systems integrators across the U.S., to deploy the next-generation machine loading solution.

Joining the ASP network are:

  • Muratec in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Computech Manufacturing Co. in Washington, Michigan
  • PCC Robotics in Germantown, Wisconsin
  • PrecisionForm Inc. in Lititz, Pennsylvania

Universal Robots


Digitalized parts cleaning

Ecoclean Connect defines data generated by the cleaning system’s control unit, which is stored, evaluated, analyzed, and linked in the Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The digitalization tool adds value in:

Condition monitoring: System status; process visualization including pre-selections, step sequence display; operating data history; overview of key performance indicators (KPI)

Documentation: Overview of cleaning processes; individual reports; manages cleaning programs with version history; library for key documents; event timeline

Production planning: Displays overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), availability, utilization; overview of runtime and throughput

Predictive maintenance: Displays system status at any time; targeted maintenance forecast for pumps, heaters, butterfly valves, filters; maintenance recommendations

Connectivity: Connection to higher-level control structures via common interface protocols; optimized interface to Ecoclean Service; automatic email notification service

Eccoclean Group