The next-generation MunchMan conveyor manages long, stringy, and nested metal chips generated from high-speed turning and milling operations. Its design enables the conveyor to fit most CNC lathes and machining centers, with little or no additional space required compared to traditional single-belt chip conveyors.

The MunchMan system uses primary and secondary belts installed at the lower curve and through the incline and chip discharge areas. These belts run in unison to grab chips, compress them, and carry them securely up steep inclines. This eliminates the risk of conveyor jams that can occur when chip balls tumble at the lower curve or jam in the conveyor incline section.

The UVS Ecologic Conveyor Control with Jam Manager function enables unattended automatic clearing of minor conveyor jams. For applications that involve cutting oil and coolant, MunchMan can be built with a coolant reservoir.

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