The Faro Gage 3D portable coordinate measurement machine (CMM) is an all-in-one-solution that reduces calibration costs and minimizes clutter. Replacing traditional hand tools such as calipers, micrometers, and height gages, it provides 20% more reach than the previous-generation Gage arm. The Gage sets up in seconds, reduces inspection time, and delivers quality results with flexibility. A universal quick mount is compatible with various mounting options, allowing the Gage to be set up anywhere, including on-machine. A 2-button design, 6-point articulation, and built-in counterbalance deliver ease of use and fatigue-free operation.

Faro Technologies Inc.

Standalone tool monitoring solution

The Artis GEMGP standalone solution detects and reports tool breakage, missing tools, overload, tool wear, and fluid flow in real-time, preventing damage to the machine, reducing scrap, and improving productivity.

It can accommodate two sensors to measure force and strain values obtained from the spindle during machining. The solution has three monitoring strategies and can handle up to 127 cutting cycles with varying types of limits for each cycle. Any events that exceed the pre-fixed limits are recorded in a log-file.

As part of the Genior Modular product family, the GEMGP capability can be built upon or integrated into the Genior Modular system for process monitoring.