The TRX Robot Hand is a human-hand shaped, three-finger linkage system that can grasp objects of various sizes and shapes. TRX – available in compact and large models – integrates fingers, actuator, and a driver controller for an all-in-one, space-saving design.

Type TRX-S weighs 320g, can transfer a heavier object when attached to a robot arm, and has a max. gripping diameter of 100mm. Type TRX-L weighs 1,200g and has a max. gripping diameter of 150mm.

THK America Inc.

4K ultra-high accuracy microscope

The VHX-7000 4K ultra-high accuracy digital microscope incorporates the capabilities of multiple microscopes: stereoscope, metallurgical, measuring, and entry level scanning electron microscope (SEM). With an automatic X-Y-Z system, magnification is easily controlled with the VHX-7000 motorized turret. The microscope has a 20x depth-of-field. In addition to features such as adaptive lighting and focusing and multi-angle observation from the previous generation, the VHX-7000 adds in-demand features such as high NA lenses (up to 0.9) and automated inspection.

Keyence Corp. of America

Motorized puller assemblies

Versa motorized puller assemblies, available in pinch wheel or caterpillar designs, include all components for various downstream handling requirements. Mounted on a 12" x 14" base plate to easily position feed materials, pullers include AC or DC motor and drive and a remote operator control station (OCS). Various speed ranges are available, with pinch roll or belt materials to suit applications, including some with FDA approval.

Standard motorized puller assemblies are equipped with a handwheel to adjust the belt gap, which opens and closes around a constant centerline. Various durometer ratings suit application requirements while additional options include left-to-right configuration and an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guarding package.

Versa Machinery