The M3-LS-3.4-15 Linear Smart Stage direct-drive precision piezoelectric micro stage has an embedded controller designed for integration into compact OEM instruments.

Absolute encoding eliminates errors and disruptions in processes and experiments, removing the need to home the stage on power-up.

With low acoustic noise and no high voltage, the smart stage can be used for near-patient instruments and wearable devices. The embedded controller simplifies smart stage integration into OEM instruments and provides simple, high-level motion commands directly to the stage from the system controller.

Ultra-stable, high-reliability thin film wire bond resistors

WBR Series thin film wire bond resistors offer rugged construction up to 250mW DC, and stable, reliable performance in low-profile packages. The series offers customizable resistive values spanning 1O to 4MO with chip markings to match, in addition to film, substrate, termination materials, temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) values, and resistive tolerances. Designed for use in applications that require stable thermocompression, epoxy, or ultrasonic bonding attachment, WBR Series resistors are designed for: hybrid circuits, medical implantable devices, multichip modules (MCM), test-and-measurement instrumentation, microelectronics, and military and defense applications.