Micro-stepping Drive

A micro-stepping motor drive series offers direct replacements for the recently discontinued Schneider IM483 drive series. Using the same footprint, model SS483 measures 2.75" x 3.00" x 1.20" (69.9mm x 76.2mm x 30.5mm). Chopper stabilization eliminates commutation discontinuities, reducing motor noise and increasing accuracy. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can design them into CNC and automation equipment and other motion applications. The drives are RoHS and CE compliant.

For OEMs, custom waveforms can be matched to individual motor characteristics to eliminate torque and velocity ripple. Optional features include various I/O connector options, CW or CCW input, quadrature input, and low current (0.1A to 1.0A).

SS483S versions include the SoftStep feature using the on-board processor that treats input steps as small vector moves at maximum resolution for smooth, vibration-free operation regardless of step size.

Testra Corp.

Vises for 5-axis, production workholding

MaxLock HP self-centering vises for 5-axis workholding combat jaw deflection and part lift with AngLock design and a lift control system. With ±0.0005" repeatability, a center line adjusts to the center of the table rotation. Clamping can be achieved for both OD and ID within the vise. The vises are available in 5", 7", and 9" models with either serrated or dovetail jaws.

Two reverse models added to the DTR DoveLock dovetail 5-axis vise line allow a wider range of dovetail workpiece widths. The DoveLock dovetail holding feature requires 1/8" of material height to hold the part. The dovetail feature simplifies workpiece material preparation so that no machined jaws are necessary. DoveLock provides up to 4,000 lb of clamping force, holding parts without distorting them while providing easy access to five sides of the workpiece. DoveLock 5-axis vises are manufactured from 4140 pre-hardened steel.

Kurt DX6 CrossOver vises for precision CNC production and toolroom applications are interchangeable with the D688 vise with the same bed height and distance from keyway to stationary jaw. The DX6 includes AngLock and Pull-Type features with a 4-bolt stationary jaw and a 9" jaw opening within the inside jaw position. A lighter and narrower vise body with a footprint of 7.39" x 16.81" allows more vises on the machine table. The 80,000psi ductile iron vise body also provides chip evacuation straight through the body at sides and end of vise to prevent chip build-up.

WESTEC 2017 booth #2602

Kurt Manufacturing Co.

CNC knee mill

The VK4II CNC knee mill retains the MillSlide Z-axis and offers a 3-axis control that can be run as manual, teach, or full CNC. The MillSlide provides greater rigidity and allows a programmable Z-axis that can be operated manually with a quill handle. Standard handwheels are directly coupled to the ball screws and provide feedback to the operator. Options include flood coolant and drip pan, table guard, power knee, and power draw bar.

Featuring the Series 8200-B CNC, the VK4II can be programmed with conversational, G-code, or a CAM system. The 8200B is PC-based, with advanced processing speeds and 1GB memory, 2GB disk storage, 12" LCD monitor, and membrane keys.

Milltronics USA Inc.