Swiss-type automatic lathes

The SR-32JII Type B Swiss-type automatic lathe’s modular design with slanted guideways increases rigidity and improves accuracy for stable production. An eight-station back working unit with Y-axis offers flexibility in overlapping machining requirements. Rigid machine construction enables continuous machining with accuracy during machining time. The SR-32JII is designed to work with or without guide bushing.

Also available is the SV-20R Swiss-type automatic lathe with improved functions, built-in B-axis for multiple tools, and an eight-station tool block for overlapping of back operations. Two-tool turning reduces production time and improves accuracy. Featuring a variety of tooling, rigid construction, and flexibility, the SV-20R delivers production of complex components in a single operation.

WESTEC 2017 BOOTH #1735
Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.

Expanded ISO-EcoTurn series

VNMG inserts and holders incorporate the chip breaker geometry and thickness of regular-sized inserts for cutting performance up to 3mm (0.12”)depth of cut.

The inserts and holders offer an ECO-tooling turning solution, such as the VNMG 2.33 (VNMG1204) insert for ID turning as small as 1.25” (32mm), versus a conventional VNMG 33 (VNMG1604) insert where minimum ID turning is 1.45” (37mm).

Inserts are available in: CVD grade T9100 for steel; CVD grade T6100 and PVD grade AH600 for stainless steel; and two cermet grades, NS9530 and GT9530. Chipbreakers include options for semi-finishing or finishing steel and stainless steel. Holders are also offered for OD and ID turning, as well as holders with TungCap connectors.

WESTEC 2017 BOOTH #1022
Tungaloy America Inc.

Air blow-off, parts drying

Maxumizer air blower systems built with the Maxum Bearing Bridge drive system use less energy and run on less horsepower at slower speeds. The drive system replaces a belt-driven system, employing two separate bearing cases on either side of the drive pulley to properly distribute bearing load, reduce heat, improve service life, and offer 10x to 15x the L10 bearing life of older cantilever drives.

Maxum air devices include standard output flow and pressure data. Blower enclosures reduce operating sound level to less than 75dB at 3ft, are made from a corrosion-resistant polymer, have a small footprint, standard gages, oversize filters with pre-filters, and an integrated skid mount.
The systems’ converging, laminar flow technology enables air to reach the part in a stronger, faster, more concentrated form, improving efficiency and saving energy. 

Maxum LLC