Artifex Solutions ( uses the OGP c-vision Video Contour Projector.

1. What quality assurance challenge led you to explore optical comparators as a solution?

As a mechanical engineer for Artifex Solutions, part of my job included final product quality inspection, ensuring dimensional compliance of production parts. I was convinced my company needed to take part inspection to the next level. Based on my experience with comparators, I knew the best thing for Artifex Solutions was to find an optical comparator with more capability – one that could reduce inspection time, generate electronic chart overlays, and reduce measurement variation from multiple operators.

2. Why did you select an OGP® c-vision™ Video Contour Projector® rather than alternate optical comparators?

The great part about c-vision is the simplicity. To effectively use the machine, our operators only needed basic computer knowledge, making the product accessible and easy for anyone to use. It’s a measuring system that uses advanced automatic video metrology for measurement and quality inspection. After viewing a demonstration of the c-vision in action, I was convinced that it was just what my company needed.

3. What was the key OGP c-vision feature that gave you the confidence to know this was the solution?

The high accuracy video comparator – with the capability to create reusable part routines that would reduce operator variation, reduce inspection time, and improve the overall speed and accuracy of the quality approval process.

4. How does using an OGP c-vision assist with customer relationships?

c-vision measurements are output into our quality control documents. We then share those documents with customers to document and assure the quality of their medical products. My confidence in the quality of our manufactured products has greatly increased since introducing c-vision in our control process. It’s a good feeling when you know you have the right machine to ensure your product is top quality.

5. What are some improvements within your company that resulted from using an OGP c-vision?

Our production part rejection rate dropped dramatically from 10% to less than 5% because parts could now be measured with less uncertainty. Our in-process batch inspection routine time has been slashed more than 90% using the vCAD virtual chart gage feature and we are now able to gather reproducible measurements of bone screws with tolerances as tight as 0.001".