High-precision vertical milling machine

The MILL P 500 3-axis vertical milling machine’s thermo-stabilized polymer granite base platform delivers part tolerances to ±4µm and maintains positioning accuracy over extended machining times, deviating no more than 5µm during a 24-hour span. The standard 42,000rpm, HSK-E40 Step-Tec spindle is built for all milling operations from roughing to fine surface finishing, enabling shorter time to market by reducing time-consuming, secondary manual polishing operations. Optionally available are Step-Tec spindle in 24,000rpm and 36,000rpm versions.

The mill features fully integrated workpiece pallet changers and tool magazine expansions, and allows for automation from the back of the machine for coupling with a System 3R WorkPartner 1+ (WPT1+) compact pallet changing robot or System 3R Transformer/ Fanuc Automation Solutions.

GF Machining Solutions

Tool presetter

E346N Elbo Controlli tool presetter features a ground granite base and column, electro-welded and de-tensioned steel construction with an ergonomic design. These features, combined with a 9” TFT LCD touch screen, provide full operator control via an intuitive icon system for ease of use.

An ergonomic pneumatic handle allows for movement and one-handed axis brake control, freeing up the other hand to use a toolholder. Built with a dual-lit system, variable LED arrangement, and a CMOS sensor, the system delivers correct brightness for optimal visualization while minimizing heat generation to prevent measurement distortion.