Market SectorGrowth
Vaccine technology Next-generation vaccines such as nanoparticles (including virus-like particles), mRNA, synthetic, and recombinant vaccines
Virtual careCOVID-19; Rise in home-based diagnostics; digital, wearable, connected devices
Artificial intelligence (AI)-based medical imagingRising volumes of patient imaging, acute shortage of radiologists required to review them
Hospital efficiency solutionsIncreased aging population and patients with chronic conditions; Shortage of healthcare personnel; push for value-based care
Digital biomarkersImprove personalized treatment, preventive measures; Biopharma precision drug development; Provides reactive, preventive approach to healthcare
Microbiome therapeuticsThree potential therapies undergoing pivotal clinical studies and likely to garner U.S. FDA nods in 2021; no approvals yet
Combination immuno-oncology (I-O) therapiesRising cancer cases and increasing R&D investments; Demonstrated effectiveness of combination therapy
Laboratory information management solutions (LIMS)Data migration from legacy infrastructures to the cloud; increasingly complex data management, storage, analytics
Source: Top 8 Growth Opportunities in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry for 2021 – What You Need To Know Now;