The Ewag Laser Line Ultra makes cutting tools from hard and ultrahard materials – tungsten carbide (WC), polycrystalline diamond (PCD), chemical vapor deposition diamond (CVD-D), cubic boron nitride (CBN) – using an 8-axis configuration and picosecond lasers to machine complex microgeometries. Ultrashort laser pulses and the Ewag Drill Module enable diameter-to-length ratios up to 1:20, allowing production of tip thinning or chamfers, while the force-free process eliminates tool breakage.

Laser processing typically uses thermal- based mechanisms to remove material. Ultrashort laser pulses and correct laser parameters minimize heat-affected zones because the short pulses don’t impart heat into the cutting tool.

The Ewag Mill Module can fabricate 4-flute PCD end mills from cylindrical blanks. Primary and secondary clearance faces at the tip and circumference are possible as are uninterrupted interface between PCD and WC. Surface quality of lasered WC surfaces is 20% better than the equivalent ground drill bit.

Lasered spiral tool surfaces, regardless of material, exhibit surface roughness values for Ra and Rz of <0.25µm and <1.5µm, respectively. Cutting edge radii are typically =5µm and are symmetric with a K-factor equal to 1±0.2.

The Ewag Drill and Mill Module software can fabricate WC or PCD spiral tools from 0.4mm to 3.0mm in diameter. Parametric programming and automatic recommendations for laser processing parameters make the module easy to use.

United Grinding North America

Probing recorder software

CNC Probing Recorder software automatically measures and reports results using Marposs’ optical and radio touch probes. The software analyzes production processes, allowing prompt, corrective action to prevent production of low-quality workpieces.

The software features an intuitive, guided measurement creation, and automatic measurement acquisition. Developed for Microsoft Excel, it supports Fanuc and Siemens CNC systems, interfacing with the machine tool Ethernet.

Marposs Corp.

Sealed miniature clamping module

Despite its compact size, the Vero-S NSE mikro 49-13 clamp offers high pull-down and holding force, high dimensional stability, and <0.005mm repeatability. The dual-stroke system drive includes an integrated standard turbo function delivering 1,500N pull-down force, with the module ranging between 400N for the NSE mikro 49 and 6,000N for the NSE mini 90-25. Depending on the thread size of the clamping pin (10mm), holding forces are 3,000N (M3) or 5,000N (M4). Mechanical locking is via spring assembly. Dynamic pressure monitoring detects position of the clamping slide. The pneumatically actuated module requires 6bar system pressure via lateral- or bottom- air connections. All functional parts – base body, clamping pins, clamping slide – are made of stainless steel for long service life and process safety.