With built-in vision and a plug-and-play programming interface, TM Series Collaborative Robots comply with safety requirements for human-robot collaboration specified in ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS 15066. They can be easily trained to perform almost any repetitive task in any location by a manual teaching function that allows operators to teach the robot with only hand-guidance.

Omron Corp.

RIA, PRN partner

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) is partnering with Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN), a grassroots organization that elevates western Pennsylvania’s burgeoning robotics industry in the Pittsburgh area.

RIA, part of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), advances innovations and technologies from robotics organizations nationwide. PRN and its partners will gain access to the A3 network of more than 1,200 automation-focused companies.

Association for Advancing Automation

Robotic Industries Association

Accelerometer, tachometer inputs

The RX0424 accelerometer provides accuracy for programmable data acquisition rates of up to 204.8kSa/sec. Multiple input ranges combine with independent 24-bit analog-to-digital converters for repeatable, high-resolution measurements to ensure users capture all vibration events. The device measures acceleration forces, such as static and/or dynamic movements, and delivers repeatable laboratory-grade measurements to the field with IEPE current excitation and tachometer input channels. Users can program the IEPE current excitation sources to generate 4.5mA or 10mA drive current and can also tailor the sources to specific application demands.

Ametek Inc.

Automated beam monitoring

BeamWatch Integrated, an automated, non-contact laser measurement system, measures focused beam parameters including focus spot size, beam caustic, and absolute power readings in real-time. The system accommodates different welding heads and includes interfaces such as Profinet and Ethernet/IP for integration into production networks and automated manufacturing lines, allowing direct transfer of measurement data.

It captures and analyzes 980nm to 1,080nm wavelength industrial lasers with power up to 10kW. It measures Rayleigh Scattering using a pass-through beam measurement technique without instrument and beam contact.

High-magnification optics measure beam spot sizes down to 80µm. Fast measurement allows automatic beam checking during loading/unloading. Parameters are displayed and stored, and trend diagrams deliver predictive maintenance insights. Tolerances and limit values can be set to trigger corrective actions.

MKS Instruments Inc.