Software suite hyperMILL 2019.1 enhancements include an expanded Finishing Module in the hyperMILL MAXX Machining Performance Package; process optimizations with a new thread milling module; new function for reducing calculation times; tool database flexibility; and computer-aided design (CAD) optimization.

The 5-axis Prismatic fillet finishing function enables the geometry and automatic inclination of barrel cutters to be applied similar to high-feed cutters, using a plunging and pulling movement at high feed rates. Maximum performance is attained using conical barrel cutters (arc segment or circle segment end mills); ball or bull-nose end mills can also be used.

Traditional computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software processing uses a close-approximation mesh surface for machining calculations, standardizing CAM processing even in cases when the design model has imperfections. Profile Milling techniques in hyperMILL 2019.1 enable machining directly to the model surface, improving surface finishes.

An updated Thread Milling module supports several thread milling types, while simplifying selection and milling direction options.

Recalculation cycles are not needed when job I.D. numbers are changed or when fixture positions change, and can individually expand the tool database in hyperMILL 2019.1, allowing order numbers, pricing, and tool life detail to be stored.

Open Mind Technologies USA Inc.
EASTEC 2019 Booth #5228

Flexible adapter system

The U-tec flexible adapter system is available on all right-angle heads in the company’s line, providing the system’s rigidity and quick-change capabilities to users performing deep-hole drilling with extended tools.

The flexible tool adapter system allows a standard ER output live tool to accept various adapters for different applications, enabling quick tool changeover on almost any lathe or mill, using a single live tool, without having to commit to a quick-change system. The system enables user flexibility, while a polygonal drive system ensures high power transmission stability and faster setup with no loss in performance or accuracy; the live tool base stays in position and only the adapter and collet get swapped out. U-tec system adapters – complete with necessary clamping nuts and arbor, Weldon, CAT 40, and CAT 50 adapters – are available in shell mill, face mill, ER extension, side lock, shrink fit, hydraulic, and blank styles. U-tec angle heads are compatible with most automatic tool changers, feature 360º manual positioning, and include torque arms and a stop block.

Platinum Tooling
EASTEC 2019 Booth #5146

5-axis vertical machining center

Yamazen Inc. will display the Matsuura MX-520 PC4 5-axis vertical machining center (VMC) at EASTEC 2019 in booth #1005. The VMC is equipped with 90 tools and a Universal Robot Interface to maximize automation.

Maintaining high rigidity and a generous machining envelope, the MX-520 offers an assortment of configurations suitable for many applications, industries, and materials. The MX-520 5 allows 3-axis users to make the transition to full 5-axis operation. Designed with a RAM-type structure, the MX-520 has a compact footprint and ergonomic design to rapidly set-up and process complex parts. CAMplete TruePath software is standard on the Matsuura MX-520.

The Matsuura Maxia 12,000rpm high-torque spindle is standard; a high-torque (187.0Nm) motor is available to machine hard-to-cut materials. Matsuura’s 20,000rpm (108.7Nm) spindle for high-speed machining is optional.

Matsuura Machinery USA Inc.
EASTEC 2019 Booth #1005

Yamazen Inc.
EASTEC 2019 Booth #1005