In 2018, metal 3D printing technology company, 3DEO Inc., printed more than 30,000 parts for customers in medical, aerospace, defense, consumer, and industrial equipment markets. Having secured two additional customer production orders for 24,000 pieces and 28,000 pieces, 3DEO is more than doubling its production capabilities with its metal 3D printers.

“3DEO is rapidly expanding to fill a large void in the market of small complex metal parts. Customers are validating our technology across a variety of industries and we are either in production or quickly moving to production with many clients. Additive manufacturing (AM) is finally competing directly with traditional manufacturing, enabling significant volumes to shift over to AM,” says Matt Petros, CEO and co-founder.

VELO3D’s software advances metal 3DP, production

VELO3D’s Flow print-preparation software ensures predictable print outcomes while native CAD workflow controls performance consistent with the design intent, reducing print preparation time. Designed for VELO3D’s Sapphire laser fusion metal additive manufacturing (AM) system, Flow includes tools for part orientation, support generation, simulated print predictions, per-surface process application, slice composer, and process review. Manufacturers can print complex part geometries SupportFree, enabling volume manufacturing of parts that were previously impossible or uneconomical to print due to hard-to-remove support structures.

EnvisonTEC line represented by Exact Metrology in the Midwest

Exact Metrology is the greater Midwest dealer for EnvisionTEC 3D printers and materials. EnvisionTEC’s machine line ranges from desktop models to units capable of producing 10ft3, and also produces materials in more than 70 proprietary formulations for customer requirements.

Exact Metrology offers portable scanning and measurement technologies, contract measurement for 2D and 3D laser scanning services, reverse engineering services, non-contact inspection, metrology services, 3D digitizing and training, long-range scanning, and CT scanning services.

The Barnes Group Advisors, SLM Solutions, collaborate on AM training courses

The Barnes Group Advisors and SLM Solutions North America plan to promote and offer additive manufacturing (AM) training. The Barnes Group Advisors will deliver AM training courses designed around key industry standards to SLM Solutions’ customers and contacts. SLM Solutions hopes potential customers will make better informed purchasing decisions once comprehensive training is available during the sales process.

Custom classes, including CT inspection and specialized metal powder training, will also be available for SLM Solutions’ current customers. The Barnes Group Advisors will also support SLM Solutions’ customer development projects as needed.