Kinitics Automation’s high-force, short-throw KLA05 linear actuator is a shape memory alloy-based actuator that uses Bundled Wire technology for high force and actuation speed in a small package. The linear actuator uses shape memory alloy for precise linear motion without motors, requiring only electricity for operation, enabling automation and control of processes previously unfeasible using conventional equipment.

The KLA05 linear actuator provides forces up to 650N (146 lb-ft), strokes up to 6.7mm (0.264"), is easily configured to supply a pushing or pulling force in a range of applications, positional accuracy is ±5µm, and there is no backlash due to a design that features only one moving part.

Available accessories include rod-end attachments, mounting brackets, and an adjustable home position switch.

Sterilizable two-part delivery system

A new in-situ liquid silicone rubber (LSR) delivery system from Avantor’s NuSil brand allows implantation of pre-sterilized materials for in-situ cure and forming within the body. Medical device manufacturers can customize the fit of implanted devices, enabling less-invasive implantation procedures.

Designed to allow sterilization of uncured medical grade LSR, the NuSil brand packaging solution for in-situ curable LSR features a gas sterilizable double-cartridge dispensing system that can be prefilled with specific uncured LSRs.

Each cartridge has a gas-permeable plunger seal designed so ethylene oxide sterilant gas can permeate it for cartridge content sterilization.

TPI, RMP enter exclusive distribution agreement

The Life Sciences division of Total Plastics International (TPI), Fort Wayne, Indiana, completed an exclusive distribution agreement with Restoration Medical Polymers (RMP).

RMP, which recently opened a state-of-the-art facility in Columbia City, Indiana, manufactures fabricated forms of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) used in long-term human implantable applications, especially orthopedics.

TPI will work directly with customers on product requirements including Type I and II, cross-linked, vitamin E, and any specialty requirements of UHMWPE, as well as stocking material and vendor managed inventory.

Shielded surface mount RF inductors

Addressing the need for higher inductance shielded inductors in RF applications of Gowanda Electronics is the expansion of its SML32S series of wirewound, shielded, molded RF surface mount inductors in the 1210 style. This increases the number of individual parts in the series by more than 20%, broadening the inductance range by adding values from 120µH to 470µH. Powdered iron and ferrite core types are available in SML32S magnetically shielded series.

Artificial intelligence to $12.36 billion

The artificial intelligence (AI) market is expected to grow from $3.49 billion in 2018 to $12.36 billion by 2023, at a 28.7% compound annual growth rate. (CAGR), according to “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robots – Global Forecast to 2023,” report. Software is expected to hold the largest share of the AI robots market this year, owing to the advancements in AI software and related software development kits.