A range of visual inspection and non-contact measuring systems deliver precise visual inspection while reducing operator discomfort.

Swift PRO non-contact visual measuring systems combine optical and video measurement technologies for precision and quality control in manufacturing. Its high-definition (HD) video camera, with video edge detection (VED) and dimmable stage illumination, enables more accurate measurement of difficult-to-view samples, while the software’s one-click measurement setup allows instant profile and surface measurement.

The system requires minimal training since the easy-to-use interface allows all levels of operators to measure components and run reports.

Mantis low magnification stereo microscopes (up to 20x) features an eyepiece-less design that improves user comfort, providing freedom of head movement and peripheral vision. Operators can wear glasses, contact lenses, or safety goggles while viewing metal samples.

Lynx EVO stereo microscope – 240x max magnification – is an advanced stereo microscope for intricate tasks requiring high-resolution 3D stereo viewing. It has an eyepiece-less design, overcoming ergonomic challenges such as eye strain, neck fatigue, and back pain.

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