Medical materials portfolio

Qmonix Elastomer 912T, a USP Class VI certified material for bio-compatible applications, offers mechanical durability and tear resistance. The elastomer is low compression set, resistant to water and steam, exhibits high dielectric strength, and has been tested in accordance with ISO-10993-5.

Quniton, a portfolio of highly lubricious materials, has permanent, low coefficient of friction (CoF) surface properties that minimize friction, wear, and abrasion in medical valves, plungers, caps, and seals. Quniton’s base material is USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 certified. Quniton maintains its original form and sealing force, retaining integrity throughout a product’s life cycle; resists severe chemical exposure to acids, bases, and solvents; and maintains good thermal stability at temperatures as high as 500°F (262°C). Quniton’s low CoF lets it resist bonding or sticking to a range of materials and itself.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

Modular CMM series

The GLOBAL S coordinate measuring machine (CMM) series, customizable for specific inspection work and changing manufacturing objectives, features four capability packages:

Throughput – Reduces measuring cycle times to increase production volume

Precision – Measures parts with tight tolerances, complex geometries

Multi-Purpose – Measures variety of materials with different features, surface characteristics

Shop Floor - Integrates measurement on the production floor, enabling process optimization; supports fully-automated shop floor measurement

Smart technologies and sensor configurations streamline the creation, execution, and analysis of measurement routines. Built on Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s enhanced productivity series (EPS) concept, software and probe choices are available, as well as machine options such as Compass, the vibration-reduction system that enhances machine scanning throughput and performance.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Thread turning solution

The CoroThread 266 thread turning tool offers precision over- and under-coolant to improve process security and maximize efficiency.

Over-coolant improves chip formation for more secure machining, while under-coolant controls temperature for longer tool life. Precision coolant improves surface finish, supporting high-quality thread generation.

CoroThread 266’s iLock interface serves the insert in the holder, eliminating micro-movements of the insert in the tip seat that can be caused by cutting forces. For applications where long overhangs are unavoidable, damped Silent Tools adapters can reduce vibration and maintain precision.

Insert thread profiles with dedicated grades and geometries are available for all materials for external and internal thread turning. Extended thread profiles are a custom option.

Quick-change toolholders with precision coolant include Coromant Capto C3, C4, C5, and C6 for use with 16mm inserts as well as QS shanks in 20mm × 20mm and 25mm × 25mm sizes with 16mm and 22mm inserts. Internal thread turning requires a minimum hole diameter of 20mm.

Sandvik Coromant