Reduced size CrossOver vise

The DX4 CrossOver vise, a smaller version of the DX6 CrossOver, is designed for CNC production to tool room applications, replacing Kurt’s D40 vise. A combination of AngLock and pull-type designs, the D-series and 3400V vises, two top-bolt FEA-designed stationary jaws offer:

  • All-directional clamping alignment, downward force-reducing jaw deflection
  • Reduced body stress, maintains flatness after assembly
  • Reduced jaw deflection

The vise features a 6.5" jaw opening within the inside jaw. A lighter, narrower vise body with 4.962" x 12.500" footprint allows more vises on the machine table. The vise body provides chip evacuation through its sides and end to prevent chip build-up.

Kurt Mfg. Co.

Rotary product line

Forkardt rotary tables, indexers, and trunnion products increase productivity with technology that accommodates standard tooling without an adapter for improved accuracy and repeatability. The spindle design can handle multiple part setups and heavy loads, improving output rates. Precision gear sets consist of an aluminum bronze gear and a hardened and ground steel worm for longer life and load carrying ability. A fast clamp-and-release system on most models increases efficiency while maintaining rigidity. The systems are designed with increased spindle clearance and better tool accessibility and have options for travel limits to reduce the risk of damaging parts and tooling.


High-resolution NDT digital detector

The HPX-DR wireless, high-resolution digital DR detector delivers higher resolution, heavy-duty shielding, portability, and improved workflow in non-destructive testing inspection applications.

The DR detector features a 139µm pixel pitch, heavy-duty IP57 enclosure for use in a lab environment where it can be run in a tethered configuration for rapid data transfer. Lithium batteries provide up to several hundred images per charge and an optional three-battery charger pack with hot-swap feature allows it to keep working without rebooting.

Carestream NDT

Robots for speed, precision

Powered by the R-30iB Compact Plus controller, SCARA robots – SR-3iA and SR-6iA – include integrated iRVision, force sensing, conveyor tracking, fieldbus connectivity, and integrated safety. SCARA iRProgrammer software interface allows programming with tablets or PCs, and can be accessed via a web browser.

Fanuc America Corp.

CAM software upgrades

hyperMILL 2018.1 software improves surface quality by enhancing the soft overlap feature for blending machining marks found between steep and flat areas or at the boundaries of rest machining regions. Step-over distance can be calculated from the scallop height measured against high-feed cutter geometry, optimizing the roughing cycle. Special tool path movement removes rest material from corners when there is a large step-over.

The global fitting feature can simplify the definition of complex surfaces or patches of surfaces, with many hyperMILL CAM strategies recognizing and following the ISO U-V orientation of the surface patch.

Automating the construction and manufacturing of electrodes for die-sinking is hyperCAD-S Electrode, where no special expertise is required and users choose electrodes from the face to be die-sunk within the component geometry.

Open Mind Technologies USA