Multi-axis calibrator

The XM-60 multi-axis calibrator measures six degrees of freedom (6DoF) from a single set-up, in any orientation for linear axes, and captures angular and straightness errors. Incorporating an optical roll measurement and fiber optic launch system, the launch unit is remote from the laser unit, reducing heat effects at the measurement point. It can be mounted directly to the machine on its side, upside down, or on its back. Renishaw will be in booth #745 at PMTS.


Range of Swiss tooling

Shaper Duo tooling is designed for positioning in the back spindle of Swiss machines, and a selection of hexalobular insert bars capable of machining T6 up to T30 socket sizes are available.

The CTWP series cut-off tooling is designed to accept bar stock diameters up to 1.65". Cut Max features rigidity for improved reliability and productivity on high load cut-off applications with shank sizes from 3/4" to 1".

CX 3D molded chip breaker, integrated with CTP inserts, solves common cut-off application issues. Constructed of DM4 grade, the CTP-CX neutral inserts can be used on CTP series tool holders that include a coolant-through selection. NTK Cutting Tools will be in booth #13 at PMTS.

NTK Cutting Tools

Lube internal cooling

The multidec-LUBE tool clamp system allows a repeatable jet flow, even after multiple tool changes, setups, or teardown, and replaces the original equipment gang slide tool clamps provided with Swiss machines. The clamp system eliminates jet nozzle chip collection and avoids bending or repositioning of coolant tubes/nozzles.

Multidec-LUBE will be shown at PMTS in booth #258 along with Louis Belet carbide Expert series tooling packages and GenSwiss’ PCM 4X high speed spindles with a new planetary style gear system. These spindles offer a low-profile configuration that suit Citizen Swiss A, L, M, and the L32 series machines for greater performance of micro drills, end mills, and high-speed, thread-milling tooling.

Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc.

Deburr, texture, clean small parts

MicroBlasting systems debur intricate geometries, texture to a sharp delineation, and remove thin coatings and films all without causing dimensional changes to the underlying part. The system’s micro-scale, consistent feed, and pinpoint accuracy is delivered via small nozzles and a mixture of compressed dry air and abrasive to alter surface finishes and remove unwanted material.

The AccuFlo and ProCenter Plus MicroBlasters will be in Comco’s booth, #1251, at PMTS 2017.


LR Mate 200iD Robots

LR Mate 200iD robots offer versatile solutions for a wide range of manufacturing operations requiring access into small spaces. A very slim arm – about the same size as a human’s arm – and a bottom cable exit option minimize interference with peripheral devices. LR Mate 200iD robots offer upright and invert-mount installations and are available with ISO Class 4 cleanroom variants for healthcare applications. Fanuc will be in booth #1138 at PMTS.

Fanuc America Corp.

Threading inserts, round shank holders

An expansion to the DuoJustCut line includes threading inserts and round shank holders for small part machining. DuoJustCut can line up threading inserts for front and back turning operations, incorporating a highly rigid clamping method to prevent the insert from moving during high-feed machining. One type of threading insert and three types of parting-off inserts are available for use in a single holder.

Tungaloy America Inc.

10-axis Swiss-type automatic lathe

With its B-axis and 8-spindle back-working unit, the 10-axis SR-38 Type B automatic Swiss-type lathe accommodates complex parts production in one operation, handling bar stock up to 1-1/2". Built in main- and sub-spindles and high tool post rigidity ensure accuracy while flexible overlap machining and simultaneously controlled X-1 and X-3 axes deliver high productivity. The motion control system optimizes machining operations and reduces idle machine time. See this lathe at PMTS booth #633.

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.